Under the Lone Star is dedicated to everything Texas. In my blogs I will discuss food, travel, culture, places of historical interest, and the legendary figures that made this great state what it is today. From time to time, I will incorporate people and places outside of Texas, that I feel are significant to the history of the “Old West”. Pretty much if I like it I will talk about it, but I will always strive to make my blog interesting as well as informative.  This site will also be used to promote my western novels that are currently available on Amazon.  Subscribe to my newsletter for book updates and promotions and you can follow me on Facebook at Under the Lone Star.




I sincerely  hope you enjoy Under the Lone Star. My desire is to celebrate all of the things that Texas has to offer. Please contact me with any comments and suggestions. I greatly appreciate your time and support, and I will always strive to deliver the best product I  can.