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Fredericksburg: Something for Everyone


Fredericksburg: Something for Everyone

I am very excited to talk about what is probably my favorite weekend getaway destination. Fredericksburg is located seventy miles northwest of San Antonio, but it feels a world away from the crazy pace of the big city. I know it sounds like a cliché, but Fredericksburg literally has something for everybody, from shopping to dinning, from brew pubs to wineries, if you’re into it, they got it.

Antiques, furniture, clothes, décor, gifts, collectibles, no matter what you’re in the market for, you’ll find it in one of the many shops that line Main Street. When we travel to Fredericksburg, my wife and I usually spend a full day leisurely strolling through the shops, and although make the trip several times a year, we never fail to find new and unique items that we just have to buy.  One of my favorites is Texas Jack’s Wild West Outfitters, which is home to everything having to do with the old west. From guns to authentic western wear, Texas Jack’s has it all. My last purchase from there is an antique western hat from the late 1800’s that decorates my study. Yes, given the right circumstances, I can be quite the shameless shopper.

After a day of walking the shops, a pint of the local brew is just the ticket for refreshment, and there is no place better than the Fredericksburg Brewery to take a load off and relax with a cold beer. If you’re not sure which beer to choose then order a sample tray of several of their best microbrews, but trust me, they’re all good. If you’ve got a hankering for a hamburger or chicken fried steak, then take a seat in the dining room and order from the menu. For pub food, the Fredericksburg Brewery has got you covered. If you’d prefer to delve into Fredericksburg’s German heritage, then try one of several Biergartens for a feast of jagerschnitzel and spaetzle, washed down with a cold German stout.

Keeping with the theme of German cuisine, start the day with a pastry or eggs benedict at the Old German Bakery and Restaurant. As a rule, I always believe in eating where the locals eat, and there is no better place to mix with the fine citizens of Fredericksburg than over breakfast at the Old German Bakery and Restaurant, where, unless you’re an especially earlier riser, you’ll have to wait at least a few minutes for a table. Don’t let that deter you though, it’s well worth the wait.

My wife is always on the lookout for awesome vistas and scenic locations, anywhere a great photo op can be had, and in Fredericksburg that need is filled atop the four-hundred-foot summit of Enchanted Rock. If you’re not in particularly great shape then the climb to the top is a little tough, but as long as you take your time, it’s certainly doable, and the view of the Hill Country from the top can’t be beat. Get there early though, because the rock is a fragile eco system and the rangers only allow so many people on it each day.

I make no claim to being a wine connoisseur. I enjoy a good glass, but I tend to prefer the sweeter, less sophisticated blends, but even I can appreciate the superior taste of the mustang grapes grown in the Hill Country. For us, no trip is complete without paying a visit to one of the local wineries and picking up a few bottles for ourselves and as gifts for family and friends. If it’s your first time and you haven’t scoped out a favorite, there are several companies that offer wine tours, and believe me, when the day is over you’ll have picked out at least one or two favorites, and will have spent the day in the company of good people and in beautiful country, and friends, that’s a great day no matter who you are.,

Fredericksburg is a perfect weekend trip, and this is evidenced by the thousands of people that visit every week, so book your trip early, as rooms fill up fast, and rates tend to be much higher for last minute reservations. There are many chain hotels and motels, as well as abundant bed and breakfasts, but it is not unheard of for every room to be filled during the peak seasons, so plan wisely. If you plan on spending the day down town, I would also recommend getting there early and claiming your parking spot, because parking on Main Street is at a premium, but these caveats aside, Fredericksburg is a wonderful leisure getaway, where you can still be as active as you choose to be. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this or any other post, and get out there and enjoy all that the great state of Texas has to offer.


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